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Beware of clone firms

Debt carries a heavy social stigma. That’s one reason why so many of us struggle to discuss financial matters with our loved ones. As figures show, as much as half of Britons actively hide personal debt from partners and close family. This fear of publicly facing debt can not only deepen the financial costs it brings further risks such as seeking out less than helpful advice from questionable sources.

Poor advice usually means higher debt

The FCA and the Financial Times have recently raised their concerns about the lead generators and clone companies hoaxing vulnerable people. Sadly, the lack of regulation and accountability of unlicensed advisers means that there is no one to seek redress from or to complain to about their activities. Hence, before speaking with any advisors, I strongly advise checking their credibility on the Insolvency Service or the FCA websites.

Seek help early

Contacting a licensed professional will usually mean getting the answers early and putting the worries to bed. Early intervention will mean a broader range of solutions, more cooperative creditors and a faster track to financial stability.

If you or your business is facing financial problems, then please do not put it off. Please contact us on 0800 118 2948 for a free impartial consultation.

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