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Each year, thousands of companies and individuals are subject to an insolvency procedure. In turn, this means thousands of insolvency notices are sent to creditors who have now incurred a bad debt. This can have an adverse effect on the performance of your own business, utilising valuable time in managing these bed debts. With a general perception of poor recovery rates, these notices can be overlooked or treated with a degree of apathy. Our free Creditor Service can change that, we can take away the headache in dealing with these debts, whilst also saving your time.

Our Creditor Services offering aims to provide advice and support to individuals, company directors and professional advisors where they or their clients are impacted by the insolvency of another party i.e a customer or supplier. We will take away the stress of managing all the insolvency documentation you receive. We help recover outstanding debts owed to you by insolvent individuals and companies.

How we can help you

Once you receive a notice of an insolvency procedure as a creditor, all you need to do is simply notify us. From that point on our specialist insolvency experts will:

  • Provide general advice and assistance on all formal and informal insolvency procedures
  • Confirm whether an Insolvency Practitioner has been formally appointed
  • Review and analysis of Insolvency Reports and correspondence and make recommendations on the best way forward
  • Review Voluntary Arrangement (IVA, CVA) proposals in order to improve your dividend prospects
  • Assistance with Reservation of Title questionnaires
  • Completion and filing of proxies and proofs of debt on your behalf
  • Representation with the Decision Making Process and attendance at any virtual creditors meetings free of charge
  • Confirm information on whether there are any recoverable assets or potential dividends
  • Free insolvency advice line

To find out more please call our Creditor Services Team on 0800 298 3315 or email

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Seeking advice early on really can help to find the best resolution and whatever happens we will be beside you, helping you through the process.

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