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Change is coming – what can we expect in 2021?

It seems 2020 isn’t done with us quite yet. A mutated virus, London in Tier 3 and the cliff-hanger negotiations with the EU means many UK businesses are uncertain they’ll be able to bounce back in 2021. So what can companies do to improve their chances?

Chartering choppy waters

The pandemic has transformed our lives forever. The way we work, shop, eat or socialise has radically changed, and so must our businesses.

Many companies have shut; those remaining must adapt or pivot operations for more effective recovery. Even with the successful rollout of vaccines, the next months will be challenging for the UK-based companies. There is no going back.

Adapt to survive

Company resilience will likely rely on embracing technological change to drive economic recovery. Businesses that are currently reviewing their supply chain strategies to prepare for various post-Brexit transition period scenarios will achieve a competitive advantage for growth.

And while the outcome of the EU divorce talks remains unknown, the chances are that a proposed phased approach of new rules from the January 1 will cushion business continuity risks.

Looking to the future

Changing market demands, customer expectations and employees needs will drive the way companies do business.

Those investing in bridging the skills gap, especially in e-commerce, coding, data analytics, cybersecurity, and cloud computing, will drive the long-term UK economic recovery and compete on the international stage.

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