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Let’s not hide behind “I’m fine”

Ruth Duncan, Maxwell Davies Director

Mental health problems impact millions of lives. They can fracture families, hinder careers and even wreck businesses.

Problem debt has a significant impact on our mental health. Over the years, I have seen a rise in the number of clients (directors, individuals in debt, or creditors), who open up about their fragile mental condition brought by their financial distress.

The matter is close to my heart, as I believe all financial problems are solvable. With a holistic, non-judgmental approach, clients can get back on their feet to make a fresh start.

Mental health in the pandemic

COVID has tested our mental resilience. Uncertainty about the financial future coupled with home schooling responsibilities, caring for elderly family members who are shielding, often bereavement, existing health concerns or exam results. They all have left a mark on our relationships and mental health condition.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the number of UK adults suffering from depression has doubled during the pandemic. While the surge of mental distress was noted within all age groups, the highest increase was among women, young people, and those with preschool-aged children. With a 31% rise among those aged 16 to 39.

Don’t suffer in silence

As the economic consequences of lockdown develop, children returning to school, furloughs turning to redundancies amid the recession, the psychological and financial pressures are very likely to increase.

Admitting the problem is the first step. Followed up by enrolling and seeking professional help, as often services are available locally, online or over the phone.

Show support if you can

With a higher demand for their services, many charities are struggling financially and need support.

My daughter, Sarah, is fundraising for a local charity – Tenterden Counselling Service – in their essential work. Sarah is aiming to raise £10.5k which will fund individual sessions for five people for a year. If you would like to donate, please go to ->

In order to rebuild as a kinder society, we need to put mental health and well-being at the centre of the UK economic recovery plan. Concurrently with support with employment, housing and financial problems.

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