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Insolvency practitioners are good Mediators

RNF is pleased to announce that Filippa Connor has been accredited as a CEDR Mediator.

Mediation is the most commonly used form of ADR. It is a powerful tool that allows parties to resolve disputes quickly, outside the courtroom and on mutually agreed terms. Mediation is increasingly becoming a more accepted and utilised solution to resolve conflict. The Courts in the UK increasingly expect disputing parties to use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). If a party refuses to mediate the Courts have shown themselves willing to impose penalties by way of costs orders.

Mediation is probably the only dispute resolution process where the parties control the outcome. The mediator is impartial and does not impose a solution or decide whether one party is right or wrong. However with the problem-solving skills of insolvency to draw on, RNF can offer guidance towards practical and viable dispute solutions.

RNF can now provide cost effective mediation of a wide range of civil and commercial disputes including:

– Construction Disputes
– Property Litigation
– Partnership, Director and Shareholder Disputes
– Claims Arising from Insolvency
– Principal/Agent Disputes
– Professional Negligence
– Employment Claims
– Contentious Probate
– Trademark Infringement
To find out how we can help and arrange a free non-obligation consultation call RNF on 0207 253 7171 or email

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